When You Should Not Upgrade to Magento 2…Yet

Upgrading your revenue generating software is not always a good idea. Here we look at when it’s not a good time to upgrade to Magento 2.

Just Before or During Your Peak Season

As much as a good program manager tries to plan and prevent problems, difficulties and unforeseen challenges unfortunately creep into projects or stall them completely. Do not take on a multifaceted project like an upgrade to Magento 2 near or during your busiest times of the year.

Any downtime, or delays in promotions, or anticipated website features that do not arrive in time can damage your ability to maximize your revenue. Your peak seasons should times when heavy development is off limits.

If this is a slower time of the year, then consider upgrading now.

You Just Completed Important 1.9 or 1.14 Customizations

It is more than likely that many or all your customizations will need to be reworked to complete an upgrade to Magento 2. Often the cost to rework customizations can approach the cost of the initial development. Business managers will want to consider getting some return on their planned development investment before incurring more costs.

Many companies have spent a lot of money customizing their Magento 1.9 or 1.14 stores to work the way they want them to. Their customers seem to be more engaged and their revenues are up. Now is not the time to change, unless your goals do not include maximizing your development ROI.

If website speed improvements, the ability to handle more simultaneous transactions and administrator logins, and a more streamlined user experience are required, then count your recent 1.9 or 1.14 customizations as sunk costs and get to work upgrading.

If It’s Cost Prohibitive

Obviously, if you can’t afford the upgrade to Magento 2, then don’t do it. Instead, give your online business more time to pay for its future improvements. You recently spent money on improving your customer experience, test it and see if your recent changes give the results you are looking for. You may find the result was of little or no value and can be left out of a future Magento 2 upgrade.

If your job is to spend money on cool things that help improve your store’s performance and overall user experience, then take advantage of all the streamlined customer-centric goodness in Magento 2.

A Critical Third-Party Extension Is Releasing a Magento 2 Compatible Version Soon

Commercial development for Magento 2 is on the rise. Before you put a lot of money into development to get your third-party extensions compatible with Magento 2, get on the phone, or through a support ticket at least, and find out their timeframes for the update. If their timeframes are set, and it’s soon, you may want to wait out a full upgrade at this time.

If the benefits and timing of a full upgrade outweigh the costs of doing development for upgrading an extension yourself, look for a development team with experience designing for the new Magento Enterprise Edition.

At this writing, there are almost 1300 Magento 2 compatible extensions on Magento Marketplace.

If You Really Like Slower Ecommerce Websites

The enhancements and support for Magento 1.9 and 1.14 are almost over, so don’t expect your website performance to improve any time soon. If you really don’t mind the performance of your system now, you have a little time left to wait it out, but soon the support will end and you will want to make the switch. When you do, you will love the jump in performance, and so will your customers.

Now go checkout why you should upgrade now.

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