WordPress is so ubiquitous that almost every one of our customers has at least one WordPress instance that they maintain along side their other platforms. It’s a platform that everyone is familiar with, has a huge selection of third party extensions, themes and services that can be integrated.

While WordPress isn’t necessarily the primary reason that clients work with us we are happy to support WordPress.

WordPress Services

  • WordPress Install / Configuration
  • Plugin Install / Configuration
  • Custom Plugins
  • Modification of Plugins / Extensions
  • Custom Themes
  • Modification of Themes
  • Integration with 3rd Party Services
    • Woo Comerce

WordPress Compliments Magento

WordPress is often found along side a Magento implementation as a blogging tool or even to support the non-store pages of a website. This is a common way to support content around a Magento store for clients large and small.

Some common ways we’ve integrated Magento and WordPress

  • Magento Fishpig plugin
  • Similar/Shared Theme (same domain for SEO)



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