AEM Sites

AEM Sites

Let our team of experienced AEM developers help implement a fantastic user experience for both the authors and end users. We have the experience and know how to develop and launch great websites on the Adobe Experience Manager platform.

AEM Sites is a fantastic enterprise grade CMS that has the potential to transform content creation and delivery for your business. It’s critical to understand the capabilities of AEM Sites and how that maps onto your business needs and objectives in order to get the most out of your investment in the shortest period of time. It’s important to put in place a realistic project plan that maps the business needs onto AEM Sites features in a practical manner with reasonable constraints.

When you first begin your journey migrating websites onto AEM it can be overwhelming on many fronts. The product managers now have to think not only about the end user experience (customers consuming content) but now they also need to think about the author experience. From a development standpoint there is a pretty steep learning curve. Your designers and prototype team need to have a clear understanding of how pieces of the website will translate into AEM Sites components.

As your implementation matures you will want to expand your capabilities and with AEM Sites in place you have the opportunity to leverage the entire Adobe Marketing Cloud suite of services. Harnessing the entire power of the platform comes when you integrate Sites with the rest of the Adobe Cloud platform and integrate it with the rest of your business, this takes planning, expertise and know how that we can provide.


Whether your launching a new site or maintaining and improving a current site, we can help!

  • Component development
  • AEM Architecture
  • Full site launch or migration
  • Ongoing maintenance

Technical Proficiencies

  • Sling API
  • Component Development
  • Granite UI Development
  • HTML5


  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Felix/OSGI
  • Sightly
  • JSP
  • Adobe Analytics



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