Is Magento Your Ecommerce Platform of Choice? 5 SEO Tools You Absolutely Need to Know About

Are you attempting to build a thriving online business on the Magento platform? Do you want to do everything possible to ensure your ecommerce store not only survives but thrives too? Improving your search engine placement is an excellent way to help customers discover your online shop. While social media networking and ecommerce blogging will help grow your business, search engine optimization is a marketing tactic that will last far into the future.

Luckily for today’s Magento shop owners, there are now more SEO extensions than ever before. Check out the following roundup of SEO extensions for Magento to see which ones can help attract more eyeballs to your ecommerce venture.

Rich Snippets and Cards for Magento 2

The Rich Snippets extension is a must-discover extension for Magento users active on social media. This powerful add-on works with Google cards, Twitter cards, Pinterest Rich pins, and Facebook Open Graph. Rich Snippets make it easier for social media sites and search engine crawlers to understand your ecommerce product data. Optimize your product summaries for discovery and increase the odds shoppers will discover your online store.


Ultimate SEO Suite

The Ultimate SEO Suite Magento extension adds canonical tags to your website. Add canonical information to your product pages, your internal sitemap, and your Google sitemap too. This handy extension lets you split your Google sitemap (awesome for large ecommerce sites) and offers support for image indexing on Google too. If you add only one extension to your Magento site, this one just might be your best bet.


Smart Product Tabs for Magento 2

The Smart Product Tabs extension helps online vendors control the dynamic content on their product pages. Configure content tabs on your site to display appropriate product attributes for improved discovery. You can choose to display anything from product pricing information to product features or sizing information. Stand out from other ecommerce vendors in your niche by optimizing your site with smart product tabs.


SEO Page Title Overwrite for Magento 2

The SEO Page Title Overwrite extension lets ecommerce vendors overwrite the H1 tags on their page titles and product pages. Create SEO-friendly product titles for improved search engine optimization. Create long, keyword-optimized titles for search engines and shorter, consumer-friendly descriptions for specific products.


Celebros’ Site Search

One of the best ways to improve your conversion rates and supercharge your SEO at the same time is to improve your site search. The better your site search, the longer customers will stay on your website. A lower bounce rate is a strong indicator to search engines that your ecommerce site is providing value to consumers. Available from Celebros, the Site Search extension adds natural language search to your Magento store.

This powerful add-on includes semantic search, guided website navigation, and auto-complete search functionality. Use this extension to cross-sell products to your customers and monitor sales thanks to powerful ecommerce analytics.


Improving your search engine optimization is one of the fastest ways to improve the profitability of your ecommerce business. The easier it is for customers (and search engine crawlers) to find your products, the better your chances are of building a successful online company. Will you be integrating these Magento extensions into your ecommerce store?

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