Recently I had some issues getting a backup of a production database to restore to a new test server.  The backup itself was fairly easy to configure, but finding the correct documentation when there were questions proved to be much more difficult.

*Note: This article assumes a few things
– That Data Protector 6.11 Cell Manager is installed and working
– [ServerA] = Source Server (the server the database was taken from)
– [ServerB] = Target Server (the server the database is being restored to)
– That [ServerA] and [ServerB] have both been configured to backup to Data Protector

  1. Open Data Protector Manager, select  Restore  in the pull down menu (top left)
  2. Expand   MS SQL Server
  3. Expand [ServerA]
  4. Highlight   MS SQL Server [(DEFAULT)]
  5. In the right menu, check the database(s) you want to restore
    *Note: if its not showing up, check to see if the backup is in the tapes.
  6. Right click one of the databases you marked for restore, and select properties
    1. On the Advanced tab, check the box labeled Restore database with new name
    2. Make sure that the Destination file name has the correct path and file name for [ServerB]
      *Note – If it doesn’t auto load the log file, you have to set it up to move also.  Otherwise the restore will fail.
    3. If you made changes, make sure to add them.
    4. Verify all the paths / file names in the bottom window.  The path on [ServerB] needs to be pre-created
      *Note – These settings must be set if there’s any difference in the files systems of [ServerA] and [ServerB]
    5. Hit ok
    6. Repeat for each database (step 6).
  7. Click on the options tab
  8. Check the Restore to another client box
  9. In the pull-down, select [ServerB]
    *Note: if it doesn’t show up, set [ServerB] up for a backup. It has to be configured to backup to accept a restore.
  10. Hit Restore (bottom right).
  11. Click either Next to configure a few log settings or Finish to just get the restore rolling.
  12. Wait for it to finish.


The HP Manual on this is the HP Data Protector A.06.11 integration guide for HP Operations Manager for Windows, page 53 and 54.
Try instead HP Data Protector A.06.11 integration guide for Microsoft applications:SQL Server, SharePoint Portal Server, Exchange Server, and Volume Shadow Copy Service ( still pages 53 & 54 )

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