Wizard - Campaign ID Generator

This wizard assumes you have completed the getting started steps.

Google Sheet URL

First you will need your published google sheet URL.

The default value is the URL to the Campaign Example, you need to replace this with the URL to your copy.

When you publish the google sheet, you will get a URL but that URL generally doesn't work for this purpose. You really need to just copy the URL from the address bar of your browser when the sheet is open.

Single get Parameter

Adobe Analytics: Single Google Analytics: Multiple

Get Parameter Name Prefix

Decide if you want to use a prefix for the URL get parameter names.

GA (Google Analytics): enter "no"
Adobe Analytics: just leave it blank if you are unsure (defaults to cid)

Generate your URL

Clicking the "Generate Custom URL" will navigate to your custom Campaign ID Generator page!

Bookmark Your Page

This is the URL you will access for your customized Campaign ID Generator