Sheets Guide - Campaign ID Generator

This page assumes that you have already gone through the simple Getting Started steps.

Customize Your Sheet

Important Tips

  • Don't modify the gray cells
  • The first row of data has to have something in every cell or this won't work (sheets bug)
  • If you need to add more form elements, copy an existing one and paste it to the right of the last one
  • Understanding The Sheet

    There are a lot of notes in the sheet to guide you as you go, but a quick over view can't hurt.

    • Column A - just labels
    • Row 1 - mostly labels, except the first field of each form element which is an orange cell, this is your field label (see next bullet)
    • Field Label - this is what the form element will be labeled with
    • Option Labels - Cells under the field label (e.g. column B,F,G,J,N,etc.), these are the option labels
    • Option Values - These are the values that will be used for the Option Labels when they are selected
    • Options - These are the various options for this form element
      • Required - is this form element required to generate a Campaign ID?
      • Field Type - what type of form element do you want to render?
        • Help - this field will display help text on the form, it just displayes what you enter into the Option Labels
      • Options Filter - not yet implemented
      • Name - what should this field be named (get parameter)
    • Field Filter - not yet implemented