Getting Started - Campaign ID Generator

Getting Started

  1. Copy Google Sheet
  2. Publish your Google Sheet
  3. Use the Wizzard to create your Campaign ID Generator
  4. Customize the sheet to meet your needs

1. Copy Google Sheet

Just click on one of the following sheets to open it (publicly viewable), then:
File > Make Copy

  • Campaign Example (Generic demo sheet)
  • GA Example (Google Analytics demo sheet)
  • 2. Publish your Google Sheet

    Make sure you have your copy open, then:
    File > Publish to the web...

    3. Create Your Campaign ID Generator

    Open the wizard and follow the simple setup.

    4. Customize Your Sheet

    Now you can make changes to your copy of the spreadsheet and see your Campaign ID Generator update by just refreshing the page!

    Take a look at the Sheets Guide for options, tips and instructions.